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sobota, 2 maja 2009


Parcels for the Promised Land

This cristal takes a part in " Parcels for the Promised Land " 

Uhlandstr. 162
10719 Berlin

The crystal – abstraction, which could be shown in different ways: turn upside down and from the left to the right like an uncut diamond. The crystal has a lot of sides and edges and sometimes down could  be up. There is an infinite number of options. Once I saw a small picture of Andrzej Wroblewski (from 1948/9) titled “A man – abstraction”, that work inspired me to make a crystal series. Crystals are also a tangible symbol of a poetic justice – usually, when the right fights the wrong, in cartoons, always some team gets a mysterious crystal, which helps the right to win, finally.  

Crystal –a substitute of the right.

Finally crystals, my crystals consist of triangles, because when I was minimizing a complicated structure of those real crystals I imagined a crystal in that particular way: as an infinite number of small triangles. Triangle could be interpreted in different ways: a Great Yantra in Hinduism, two – the Star of Dawid, in a bodily level a triangle with the top downward is a symbol of a primeval female. She produced herself a semen ,which has become a male symbol, which is pictured as a triangle with a top upward.  Triangle is also a shape of an arrow so it is a symbol of a direction, a determination, a resoluteness, a keenness, but also a stability (has used in buildings since shelters an pyramids to nowadays).

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