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poniedziałek, 11 maja 2009


In Schlisselburg’s prison – a place important not only for polish history – it was thought about different ways of diffusion of the matter. In the borders of walls and without the radio discovery communication there was possible thanks to the sensitive hearing and in some prison rooms the fragility of the walls which allows to pull the straw or line through the wall. Although the primary banal aim which was based on the mathematics imagination and dream, and allows for a play with a fourth dimension.
The room where you are is 17 sq meters and in the beginning it was supposed to be only an artist studio. After some time it starts to have a second role / function – a flat. There is nothing strange in it, because from many years some of the artist where showing theirs works in the bed room, other – in the special created for that spaces. This is not so much important. Almost everyone which enter the flat was asking about second room, “but where is a bed room?”.
To go ahead to the feeling of a space neglect, artist tried to use a trick based on the opposition - interior / exterior. The time understood as the fourth dimension allowed for the perfect smooth move to the invisible, but expected place. Beside that view of the flat – studio didn’t changed. In this a bit blur ‘perspective’, a room might be an interior of the picture, which shows the 3-dimensional ‘crystals’ brought from artist’s canvas and a place on the wall signing its line. The room is also an area of a life of other similar rooms. A rectangle painted with ‘magic pencil’ opens door to the parallel world of imagination. It’s better to not lay along anything.
text Krzysztof Gutfrański
cooperation Adam Jastrzebski

w ramach Nocy Muzeów 2009
mieszkanie prywatne,
16.05 godz 9.00 - 24.00
ul Sw Franciszka

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